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Sweetnswag all began with a little angel named Porter. Porter unexpectedly passed away from effects of a serious and rare infection. Porter is the son of Matthew & Vickie Fallon who were our neighbors at the time of his passing and are dear friends still to this day.

Porter’s passing was devastating.  It has hard to know what to say or do at such a difficult time but I felt I needed to do something. Due to the high medical and funeral costs we learned that our friends could use help financially as do many families who experience such tragedies.

Trying stretch our dollars as far as I possibly could, I was up late into the night with a timer making hair bows and bow ties as fast as I possibly could. I made 250 in one day testbeitrag and the fundraiser began! We sold many thanks to the support of neighbors, family & friends. I was so grateful and had a strong impression that the good wouldn’t stop here.

This is how Sweetnswag began. My hope is that the ripple that started the day cheap jerseys when sweet Porter returned home to his Father in heaven can eventually turn into large waves cheap jerseys for good, to help a multitude of other families in times of serious need.

This blog is to honor Porter and the Fallon Family. I publicly thank my heavenly father for his continual hand in my life in every aspect, including Sweetnswag. He has made it possible for us to spread the word cheap jerseys and to do good by helping those in need. Every week we will be doing our best to help support a family world! in need going through a difficult time and I know with his help that by “Small and Simple Things are Great things brought to Pass.”  Alma: 37:6-7