10 Mom Hacks

by Alyssa Larsen on June 02, 2021
Mom Hacks

Let’s be honest, taking care of little humans can be exhausting. Recently I have been looking for mom hacks to help my life be easier, and I don’t know why we don’t share our secrets with each other! Here are some great ideas I found!


1. Have you heard of the diaper changing hack? Most babies start to get curious and like to put their hands in the way when you change them. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to hold my son's hands back to keep them out of the way as I change him. I learned a super cool hack where you cross the babies hands on their chest and bring the front of their onesie up to their chin tucking their arms in. Then, you pull the back of their onesie up to the back of their head, and snap it together to lock their arms in! This is how I change my baby's diaper every time now!


2. If your new baby cries when it’s bath time, a good hack is to wrap them in a towel and slowly get them wet. Wash one leg or arm at a time and keep the towel on them. It will make them feel safe and warm while they get clean!


3. Have you ever noticed the shoulder flaps on your baby’s onesie? Those actually serve a purpose that I never knew about! If your baby has a blowout, it allows you to slide the whole onesie down their body instead of over their head!


4. Does your baby have daily blowouts? There’s a trick to minimize those too! When you put their diaper on, fold the top of the back of the diaper down about an inch. It will act like a poo dam and help the explosions stay in the diaper. 


5. If you have a busy schedule, you can store hot water in a yeti water bottle. It will allow you to prepare a warm bottle for your baby when you are on the run!


6. Is your baby gassy? There’s a nice trick to get rid of that gas that’s built up in their tummies! Lay your baby on their back, and grab their ankles. Gently move their legs as if they are running. After a few seconds, pull their legs straight and then immediately press their knees up to their chest. The running mixed with the pressure on their tummy makes them toot and helps relieve that gas!


7. If your baby uses bibs a lot, you can actually put a big command hook on the back of their high chair and hang them on it. They are out of the way, yet easy to reach when you need one!


8. How about your baby’s nails that grow SO fast. I have to cut my little boys nails at least twice a week.. no joke. I’ve found that the best time to trim them is when he is sleeping. That way he doesn’t wiggle around too much and I don't accidentally clip his finger. 


9. Are you one of those moms who love to take cute pictures of your baby? I’ve found an amazing hack for you to capture those picture perfect moments. Instead of just snapping a bunch of photos, try taking a video. Then you can make your baby laugh and when you rewatch the video, you can pause it and take a screenshot. It makes taking pictures of your baby smiling so much easier!


10. Does your baby sleep for long stretches during the night? If you go up one diaper size at night, it will help with leaks and allow them to sleep without you waking them up to change them! 


I know there are more tips out there! Do you have any? Please write your awesome mom hacks in the comments! We are all in this together. I hope these help you! 




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