What Are SNS Rewards? 

The SNS Rewards Program is our way to give back to our customers who really care about what Sweet N Swag stands for: the goal to do good. The program is for all of our customers meaning anyone can sign up to earn rewards to put toward future purchases.

Where Do I Start? 

Look for the Rewards button in the bottom right of your screen, this will open the rewards pop-up.

How Can I Start Earning? 

There are three ways to earn points with SNS Rewards: create an account, refer friends and write product reviews.

Create an Account

When you create an account (this can be done through the rewards button at the bottom right of the screen), you are instantly rewarded 5 SNS Points, that is equal to a $5 gift card!! 

Refer Friends

Under the "Referrals" section in the rewards pop-up you can refer friends who do not have an account with Sweet N Swag. This action could give you rewards in return if your friend uses the $5 gift card you gave them. 
Sign into your account, and you will instantly see a specific URL that you can send to your friends through Facebook, Twitter, or Email to gift them a $5 gift card. Write them a sweet message and send it off.
If your friend uses your gift of $5, you will be rewarded 5 SNS Points as well. It really is a win-win for everyone!

Write Product Reviews

About two weeks after you purchase product from Sweet N Swag you will receive an email giving you the opportunity to review that product. If you choose to leave a review your account will be rewarded 5 SNS Points. 

How Can I Redeem My Points?

Once you have accumulated some points on your account, you can redeem them for rewards to use toward a purchase. Open the rewards pop-up and scroll down to see your options for redeeming your points. 

My Friend Referred Me, How Do I Use My Gift Card?

You will be sent an email with a unique code entitled, "You've Unlocked a Reward!" Click the button "Use Your Reward", or type the unique code in at checkout.
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