10 Ways to be a Positive Mom

by Alyssa Larsen on May 12, 2021
Ways to be a positive mom


Being a positive mom does not mean you have to be a perfect mom. Read that again! Each and every single day with children is going to be different. There will be hard days, there will be stressful days, and there will be wonderful days. It’s important to always strive to be positive, especially in those hard days, because our children are watching and really look up to us. Here are ten different ways to help you stay positive during the wild ride of raising children.


  1. Schedule one-on-one time with each child. It is important for each child to have that special time with you. It helps them feel loved and appreciated. No matter what age your child is, they all still want to be with you and spend time with their mommy.
  2. Go with the flow and accept things you can’t control. Like mentioned above, each day will be different with little kiddos. You can have your day planned out, and one temper tantrum can change the whole day. Try not to let it stress you out! Just listen to your baby's needs and be there for them. You do not need to accomplish all of your tasks in one single day.
  3. Focus on the positive things each day. People always say that if you look for red cars, you will see them everywhere. The same concept works with your emotions. If you are looking for ways to be negative and sad, then you will feel that way. Make a conscious effort to point out all of the positive and happy things that happen each day. It will help train your brain to naturally think happy thoughts.
  4. Say thank you and feel grateful! Along with focusing on the positive, you can also find things in each day that you are thankful for. If your child is being clingy and only wants to be held, instead of thinking how inconvenient it is, be grateful that they want you and they need you. 
  5. Give them hugs and kisses every day. My mother-in-law likes to give “8 hugs a day”. Hugging is not only good for your little ones, but good for you too! No one can have too many hugs or kisses. Someday your baby will be “too old” for kisses, so enjoy it and take advantage of it now while you can!
  6. Be a source of encouragement for your kids. Especially as they are growing and trying new things for the first time. Sometimes new things can be scary for them, but if they know that you will always be in their corner cheering them on, they will be successful, and you will be happy seeing them succeed.
  7. Remember to apologize! It is natural for us as humans to snap when we get angry. Like I said, being positive doesn’t mean being perfect. You will have your rough days and you may get angry, and when that happens, apologize to your kiddos. It shows that you are human too, and it also sets a good example for them, and teaches them humility. 
  8. Let go of the past. You can’t be a happy and positive person if you are constantly thinking of things in the past that you can’t change and don’t have any control over. Learn to let things go and move on. 
  9. Set goals for yourself and for your family. When you achieve a goal, it feels good. Setting small goals and big goals with your family can be a good bonding and strengthening time for you. When you reach a goal, be sure to reward yourself!
  10. Lastly, get enough sleep! This one is so important. It might not seem like a big deal, but I know from firsthand experience that when I have a good night's sleep, I’m less likely to be angry and snappy. I can really see the difference between the nights that I sleep good, versus the ones where I don’t. Make sure your kiddo gets their naps in as well to help with their crankiness!


Once again, remember that no one is perfect. We are going to make mistakes as mothers, and that is just part of the learning experience. There are going to be situations that we cannot control, but we can control how we react in those situations. Start practicing with the ideas above to help you be a more positive mom! If you have other suggestions on how to be positive, leave them in the comments below!!


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