15 First Birthday Themes For Boys

by Alyssa Larsen on March 26, 2022

Time is a funny thing. It goes by so fast, especially as you watch your little baby grow. My baby just had his first birthday, and I truly cannot believe how fast the time has gone. How do I have a one year old? It feels like my baby was just born yesterday, but at the same time it feels like he has been in my life forever! 

Since he is my first child, his first birthday was a BIG deal! Even though he just turned one and won’t remember his birthday, I wanted to make it special and throw him an awesome party! I guess first birthday parties are more for the parents than the children, but it was fun. 

Because I wanted it to be so special, I searched the internet for an awesome theme, and I found so many that I thought I should share with those who are also looking for a first birthday party theme for their special little man. Enjoy!

#1. First Trip Around The Sun- this one was space themed. Some cute ideas that I saw were star shaped food- sandwiches and cookies, toy rockets, strawberries dipped in green chocolate with googly eyes to look like aliens, doughnuts that said “Saturn’s Rings”, a sign that said “I love you to the moon and back”, cake pops that were “galaxy colors”, and I even saw a rock painting station. So cute! You could get so creative and have fun with this theme. It could even be a second birthday theme and say “two the moon”.

#2. A Hole In One- golf themed. You could make cupcakes with “grass” as the frosting, a golf ball cake, sandwiches held together with a golf tee, matching golf shirts, lots of green and white balloons, and a visor making station. This theme would be perfect for someone who is super crafty and creative!

#3. (Insert baby’s name)'s Rookie Year- baseball themed. My husband loves baseball and this would have been a fun theme! Some things I saw were matching family jerseys, lots of red white and navy blue balloons, baseball shaped cake, lots of crackers and chips and sunflower seeds to snack on, a hall of fame poster board with photos of the birthday boy, and a baseball bat with the baby’s name carved into it. So fun!

#4. Wild One or One Wild Year- jungle/safari themed. I saw so many cute ideas for this birthday theme. So many in fact, it was almost my little guy’s theme! I saw big balloons that said “wild one”, lots of stuffed animals, green and white balloons, animal crackers, cupcakes with little plastic animals on top, cheetah, zebra, giraffe, and tiger looking balloons, animal shaped cookies, and I even saw a lot of decor based off of the children’s book “Where the Wild Things Are”.

#5. Donut Grow Up- doughnut themed. Now this is my kind of party! Obviously you can have a variety of doughnuts! I saw someone who had a doughnut bar, or a board with pegs coming out that the doughnuts could hang on, paired with milk, doughnut shaped balloons, matching doughnut shirts, I even saw some play dough containers that said “donut dough” on the outside.

#6.Time Flies- airplane theme. You could mix this with the space theme, or all about airplanes. Some cute ideas that I saw were a bunch of handmade paper airplanes that hung from the ceiling, red white and blue balloons, cotton candy labeled as “clouds”, a “pin the propeller on the plane” game, or an aviation hat and goggles for the birthday boy to wear.

#7. Mr. Onederful- sophisticated mustache theme. This one could be fun! You could have shirts with a little bowtie, stick on mustaches, a sign that says “I make one look good”, baby suspenders, black white and gold balloons and decor, popcorn as a snack, and a mustache shaped cake.

#8. UNO- Mexican/Fiesta themed or even the Uno game. My husband speaks Spanish and lived in Mexico for a few years, so this theme would have been fun too! I might use it for our next baby boy coming this summer! Some CUTE ideas I saw were cupcakes with green, red, blue, and yellow frosting and had an uno card sticking out the top, a cactus pinata, maracas, a sombrero for the birthday boy, a taco bar, and really anything with the colors red, blue, yellow, and green. I’d want some famous Mexican snacks, but I would need my hubby’s help with that!

#9. Pizza Party- thanks for being a pizza my first year. So this is the theme that we went with and it was so fun, and delicious! I bought pizza shaped balloons and balloon letters that said “slice slice baby”, and of course, we had a lot of pizza to eat with family and friends. It was a blast!

#10. The Big One- Fishing style or o-fish-ally one. This theme could be a lot of fun too! Blue and white balloons to make a sea, plastic fish and a fishing pole, fishy crackers for a snack, and if it’s summertime, there are lots of water games involving fake fish that the little ones could play!

#11. Our Honey is One- Winnie the Pooh or bumblebee themed. Since babies can have honey once they turn one, you could incorporate it into some snacks, like honey sandwiches! You might have to get creative with this theme, but you could use yellow, gold and white balloons and put your little honey in a cute Winnie the Pooh outfit. 

#12. Holy Cow, our baby is one!- Farm themed. I thought this theme was so cute and debated doing it. There are so many cow themed decorations out there, like cow print balloons, straws, table cloths, rugs, outfits. So many! You could also add hay bales, or lots of farm stuffed animals, and even a toy barn! My favorite part from pictures that I saw was the cute little straw hat that the birthday boy got to wear.

#13. Order Up! First Birthday Burger Bash. This theme would be fun if you had a lot of hungry guests and the weather was nice! Grill up some burgers and celebrate your favorite one year old!

#14. This Monster is One! Monsters INC. or really any monster of your choice. I saw some cute Monsters INC gift bags on amazon that would be perfect for the birthday boy’s gifts, or to send goodies home with your guests. Here’s the link

#15. Fast One- race car themed. This theme is perfect for a little boy! You could have a giant race car balloon, little toy cars to play with, a car mat or a race car track, cookies in the shape of a car, and a “fueling station” with your choice of drink. Pinterest has lots of cute ideas for decorations. 

No matter what theme you choose, it will be fun spending time with your little boy and friends and family! Hope this list gives you some ideas. Happy partying! If you also have more fun theme ideas for little boys, please leave them in the comments!


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