A Love Letter to My Baby

by Alyssa Larsen on February 14, 2021
Valentine's Day

(Picture is not of my baby)


Dear Baby,


I have dreamed of being a mom ever since I was a little girl, and because of you, that dream came true. Words cannot express how happy your dad and I are to have you in our lives. It has been such a wonderful few weeks with you here. You have already brought so much joy, love, and happiness to us. We will cherish you forever. 


I love how you snort and grunt when you’re hungry, or how you make little noises when you’re dreaming. I love how you have to be held and snuggled all day because you don’t like being alone yet.


I am so excited to watch you grow up and gain your own little personality. I hope you laugh and tell jokes like your dad, or that you have a soft heart like your mom. I hope that you learn to love with all of your heart and cherish those that love you. I hope that you make a lot of friends, and always remember how important you are to your family.


I promise to always love and protect you. You are our whole world, and we cannot imagine life without you. You are so precious to us, and we feel so complete having you here. 


Happy first Valentine’s Day baby boy! We love you. 


Love, Mom and Dad



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