Baby Shower Game Ideas

by Alyssa Larsen on April 19, 2021
Baby Shower


Are you in charge of planning an awesome baby shower? Are you stumped on what to do? Here are 10 common baby shower game ideas to help you have a fun party!


Diaper Raffle: 

Sometime before the baby shower, announce to your guests that if they bring a pack of diapers to the shower, they will be entered into a raffle. Whoever’s name you draw, will win a prize!


Find the Binkies: 

Get as many binkies as you want, and hide them all around the baby shower. Guests have to find them as they mingle and once the shower is over, whoever found the most binkies wins!


Blindfolded Diaper Challenge:

Challenge your guests to see who can put a diaper on a doll the fastest while being blindfolded. 


Paint Onesies:

Gather some paint and enough plain white onesies of all different sizes for all of your guests. Each person gets their own onesie and they get to paint whatever they want on it for your baby to wear in the future.


Pin the Pacifier:

Just like pin the tail on the donkey! Print out a picture of a baby's face, and some binkies. Blindfold your guests and spin them around, and whoever can get the binky closest to the baby’s mouth wins!


What Am I:

You know that card game where each player takes a card and places it in that fancy headband on their forehead and then they take turns trying to guess what their card says? Well this is the same thing, just with baby themed words! You can use words like: bottle, binky, diaper, milk, baby, toy, bib, crib, swing, ball, rattle, and any others that you think of!


Baby Bingo:

Create your own bingo sheets using pictures of commonly gifted items at baby showers like diapers or toys or bottles. As the new mom-to-be opens her gifts, if you have that gift on your bingo card, check it off. For example: the mom opens a bag and it is full of clothes. If you have a picture of baby clothes on your bingo card, you get to mark off a square. 


Baby Word Scramble:

Find a bunch of baby related words and scramble them up. Pass out papers to guests, and have them unscramble the words while being timed. The first person to unscramble all of the words wins!


The Guessing Game:

Fill a bottle full of your favorite candy (usually smaller candies like skittles or m&ms are easier) and have everyone take a guess. Whoever is closest wins the bottle of candy!


The Price is Right:

Let your guests try and guess how much popular baby items cost at your local grocery store without going over the amount. The person who guesses the closet wins!

Ideas for prizes for the winners:

Bath set

Fuzzy socks

Candy bars


Car fresheners 



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