by Shannon Evanson on April 11, 2020


You know that feeling when you have being reunited with a close friend after years? After being minimally involved with Sweet N Swag the past year and now coming back, I’m feeling this to my very core.

Shortly after being diagnosed and then having brain surgery 15 months ago, life stood still.. and then got very intense. I know we have been promised a miracle, a healing. I felt humbled and grateful but overwhelmed all at the same time. Statistics were not on our side. All I heard from the medical team around me were the words ‘incurable’ ‘aggressive’ ‘there is nothing we can do.’ We were told to plan 6 months - 2 years. I’ll never forget shortly after surgery and mutation reports telling my mother-in-law the statistics don’t mean anything.. and then she reminded me that I should not forget  that statistics tell stories. These were hard statistics to face.


While that was hard advice to be given, it fueled me. We searched for outliers, clinical studies, alternative treatments.. and prayed continually to be guided.


It has been over a year of intense healing. It has been 15 months of endless prayers, countless appts, many alternative cancer treatments and therapies, Yoga, meditation. It has been a year filled with so much light and also experiencing moments of the opposite but learning from them.


It has been hard to share the details of this journey because it has taken me places I never could have expected to go. I have seen and learned things I sometimes wonder if I can and will ever find the words for. It has been a year with many moments where the veil has been very thin.

It has been very heavy at times but I am gaining wisdom and being guided which has been my prayer. One of the most important lessons I have learned is that sometime trials can reach a point that they become more than we can emotionally / physically bear and we are not meant to bear them alone. We are meant to seek and accept the Power of God in our lives to overcome. I’m grateful to those who have traveled this journey with me who have continually reminded me of this in different ways. We are not given anything in this life we cannot overcome with His Power.


I do not have a clean MRI to show at this point. I have not had an MRI since March which did show some growth.

What I do have is this.. I have a sure knowledge in the Power of our Savior Jesus Christ. He has extended grace and mercy to myself and our family in ways it is hard to explain. I know His power is sufficient and His Will be done. I know His Will is that he wants me healed. I am bold with this statement because I was told this during one of my darkest hours.

I know He will heal me according to His Will, His way and His timing.


As of now.. I am grateful for the good days. I am grateful for a decrease in seizures. I am grateful for the increased energy that I do have to continue these healing efforts, spend invaluable time with my family and even take bigger strides coming back into this Sweet N Swag family which is so healing.

I cannot thank you each enough for your prayers, encouragement and support. I remember reading through each comment shortly after being diagnosed and realizing all the love and prayers that were being offered on our behalf. It was one of the most beautiful and humbling times in my life to be so deeply loved by so many I have never even met in this life.


I was flooded with flowers from ‘strangers’ many mailed me gifts, supplements, books. When I read that a ‘stranger’ called 22 temples and put my name on the prayer rolls I bawled feeling so unexpectedly loved. Please know this love is appreciated and I am striving to live my life with a goal to reciprocate this love, to do good.

Thank you everyone for your continued support, prayers and love.




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