How I finish my Christmas shopping by December 1st!

by Hollie Blunt on November 29, 2023

The holidays can be stressful- there, I said it.  As a mom, the last thing I want is for my stress to overshadow the spirit of Christmas for my family. My kids rely on me to bring the holidays to life, to carry on the traditions, and to create the magic. Over the years, through much trial and error,  I have found a system that works for us.  My holiday shopping is complete (purchased, gathered, and wrapped) by December 1st, Santa and stockings included.  I am not a gatekeeper, so today's post is an insight into my system. 

I start with an iphone app called "Gift List". This is where I keep track of my lists for each individual, their budget, and can track each gift from when it's an idea, to purchased, arrived, and wrapped.

For our family, we have chosen to stick to the following each year:

  1. Something they want- this is usually their "big gift" each year.
  2. Something they need.
  3. Something they wear.
  4. Something they read- a book on their reading level or an activity book that they can take to church.  
  5. Santa- brings them something less than $50 and the big guy never wraps his gifts.  He fills their stockings with dollar spot finds, always a toothbrush, and odds and ends they may want/need.  

Here are some screen shots of the app and our lists. 

And lastly, as these gifts come in, you may wonder what I do with them? I wrap the gifts as they are delivered and I'm sure to mark them off in my app. Once they are wrapped I put them in the BEST hiding place ever- inside our luggage! Kids won't find them, but if they do they are already wrapped, and I utilize the locks.  Then on Christmas Eve, we bring up the luggage and placed all of those wrapped gifts under the tree. I have each kid's stocking stuffers in separate in a plastic bags, so we stuff each stocking accordingly and call it a night. Every Christmas Eve my husband tells me how great I am 😂  as he remembers those years before I figured it out, and we were up waaaaaaay too late for his liking. 

Most importantly, by creating and utilizing a system that works for us, we are able to focus on our family and our Savior for the entire month of December.  

Next up- I'll be sharing some gift guides and some holiday traditions!


XoXo, Hollie


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