Gender Reveal Ideas

by Alyssa Larsen on January 22, 2021
Gender Reveal Ideas

I don’t know about you, but when it came time to find out my baby’s gender, I couldn’t wait! My husband and I were both hoping for a boy, and that’s what we are having in t-minus 4 days!! Finding out your baby’s gender is an exciting part of your pregnancy journey, and telling your family and friends is so fun! Listed below are some fun and popular ways to announce the gender to everyone!

Pop the Balloon: Fill 8 (or desired number) of black balloons with white paint, and 1 with either pink or blue paint. Attach the balloons in a random order to a board, and take turns throwing darts trying to pop them.

Harry Potter Sorting Hat: Purchase a sorting hat, you can find them on Amazon. Place an article of clothing or desired item underneath the hat to determine Witch or Wizard. Only the sorting hat knows!

Balloon Box: Fill a big cardboard box with either pink or blue balloons. When you open the top of the box, it will release the balloons into the sky.

Piñata: Choose your piñata and fill it full of either pink or blue candies or confetti and have you and your guests take turns hitting it. 

Star Wars Light Sabers: Have a lightsaber duel. You can purchase pink and blue colored lightsabers on Amazon for under $20 each. Once you open the lightsaber to fight, everyone will know the gender.

Bath Bombs: If you have a duck themed party, bath bombs would be a super cute idea!

Confetti Balloon Pop: Fill a giant balloon with confetti or cut up paper, and pop it with a needle.

Smoke Bombs: These are very popular right now. You can buy your desired color of smoke bombs on Amazon.

Colored Baseball: You can purchase exploding baseballs at Walmart. Carefully toss it to your partner and they can hit it with a bat.

Silly String Fight: Purchase either pink or blue silly string, and have a silly string fight. This is a good idea if you have a lot of people at your house, or if you have other young kids that you’d like to include in the reveal.

Paint Fight: Wear white clothes and have a paint fight with either pink or blue paint.

Confetti Poppers: You can purchase confetti poppers at almost any store. These are good for larger groups as well. Countdown from five and everyone pops theirs at the same time!

Ultrasound Reveal: If you don’t feel like spending more money, or are too excited to wait and plan something like I was, you can always make photocopies of your ultrasound and give them as gifts to friends and family.

Foods: There are so many different ways to reveal your baby’s gender through food. Some ideas are: bubble gum, cake, cake pops,  fortune cookies, filled doughnuts, cotton candy, or even colored punch!

Finding out your baby’s gender will be a day that you will remember forever! You can always “hire” a trusted friend or family member to plan the reveal for you so that you can be surprised as well!! 


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