Mommy and Me Halloween Outfits

by Alyssa Larsen on October 28, 2021
Loafer Mox

It’s almost time for Halloween! This year is my little guys very first Halloween! We are dressing him up as Buzz Lightyear, and I may be biased but he is the cutest little Buzz ever! 


We of course waited until the last second to find him an outfit though, and Buzz was the last costume in his size at Walmart. Next year we need to be ahead of the game and plan his outfit earlier! 


Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, and now that I have a baby it makes it that much better! Even though he can’t eat the candy this year, it is still going to be so fun taking him trick or treating. Now I just have to talk my husband into dressing up and Woody from Toy Story! 


Growing up as a kid, I always looked forward to dressing up in matching costumes as a family! Now I get to do that with my own little family. I don’t like wearing the same costume every year, so I made a list of 30 mommy and me matching outfit ideas for Halloween. Hopefully it helps you think of something new to dress up as!!


-Strawberry and banana

-Lilo and Stitch

-Dalmation and firefighter

-Snow White and a Dwarf

-Cop and robber

-Cat and mouse

-Dorothy and Toto

-Hantzel and Gretel

-Mario and Luigi

-Monkey and banana

-Angel and devil

-Sun and moon


-Wolf and Red Riding Hood

-Woody and Buzz

-Cheerleader and football player

-Spongebob and Patrick

-Farmer and a pig

-Princess and Prince Charming

-Ghost and Ghostbuster 

-Jedi and Baby Yoda

-Bee and beekeeper 

-Harry Potter and Ron Weasley


-Doctor and patient

-Mike and Sully

-Thing One and Thing Two

-Two peas in a pod

-The Flintstones

-The Incredibles 


Loafer Mox


You can perfectly pair your child’s Halloween outfit with some Mox! My little Buzz Lightyear is wearing the Loafer Mox in the Karat color. Check out our website here to find your perfect pair!


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