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by Alyssa Larsen on January 24, 2021


As a new mom, it is hard to spend money on shoes for my baby because they are either going to outgrow them, or trash them. I never wanted to buy shoes until I found the Mox from Sweet N Swag! Not only are they cheap and easy to clean, but with the Mox Box (explained below) they grow with your child and are very fashionable! I am so excited to dress my little man up with his Mox shoes! Below are the different styles of Mox that you can get for your little one!


Moxford: This shoe comes with cute laces on the top. It also has an elastic band in the tongue that allows the shoe to easily stretch when putting on or taking off, but still allowing for a snug fit, meaning it won’t fall off of your child’s foot. This shoe is lined with cotton which allows your babies feet to stay warm and dry. The Moxford comes in the colors: Marine, Textured Blush, Blush, Birch, Rose, Copper, Nude, Alabaster, Meerkat, and Chestnut which you can see by clicking (here).



Loafer Mox: This shoe also comes with the elastic band in the tongue, and the warm cotton liner. This style sits just below the ankle and makes for a very comfortable wear. Similar colors are available!

Loafer Mox


Modern Mox: “In our 2019 collection, we removed the fringe seen in previous styles to create a new and clean look to our classic moccasin.” This shoe has the elastic located in the front, and the cotton liner as well. The Modern Mox also comes in more modern colors like: Blush, Birch, Rose, Copper, Dark Grey, Dove Grey, Nude, Red Rock, Taupe, Walnut, Meerkat, and Chestnut.

Modern Mox


Moxy: The Moxy is our most popular shoe style. This shoe has an elastic T-strap band which also makes it very easy to put on and off without it falling off. Like all the other styles, the Moxy is also lined with cotton to keep your babies feet nice and warm.



Mox Box: Then we have our Mox Box. The box comes in two different sizes, one for the first year, and one for the second year. In the first year, the box is filled with size 1, 2, and 3, and in the second year sizes 3, 4, and 5. Many moms like purchasing the Mox Box because it grows with your child. We have a girls box, a boys box, and a neutral colored box. You can view the boxes by clicking (here).


All of our shoes are made from soft vegan leather, are waterproof, and are super easy to clean. All shoes size 4 and up come with a hard sole, which is especially nice for when your child starts walking and running everywhere. 


“To ensure ordering a proper size, please measure your child’s food prior to ordering. We recommend adding ½” to your child’s foot measurement for growing room”. Click (here) to view our size chart.


Also, be sure to check out our Instagram page to see our adorable shoes in action, and follow us to keep up with our Mox sales!


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