Must Have Baby Items For First-Time Moms

by Alyssa Larsen on February 24, 2021
First Time Mom

Being a first time mom comes with so many new emotions and feelings and can be a little overwhelming, especially if you don’t know what items you will need to have in order to care for your little one. Thankfully there are other moms out there who have shared what items they have used and have deemed as worthy must have items! Here is my list!

First, I recommend getting a small cart to turn into a “diaper cart”. I purchased a small storage cart from Walmart. It has 3 shelves and on the top I put diapers and wipes and diaper rash cream. On the middle shelf I have washcloths, burp rags, extra wipes, a binky, and medications for both mom and baby. On the bottom shelf I have all of my nursing supplies from the breast pump, to nursing storage bags and pads for my bra. My cart even has wheels for easy access to move from room to room.

Next, grab yourself one of our cocoon beds off of our website! My baby will only sleep if he is being held, and the cocoon bed tricks him into thinking that he is! It is so comfy and supports him all around his body. Plus they are light and easy to take with you when you are traveling!

I also recommend getting things like velcro swaddles, scratch mittens, diaper bag organizers, a portable changing pad, and a portable baby first aid kit. My baby sleeps better when he is bundled up, and with the velcro swaddles, it keeps him tucked in all night. Scratch mittens are a must for obvious reasons. I never thought I would need diaper bag organizers, but trust me, you will want some. Those things can get messy and cluttered fast! A portable changing pad and little first aid kit are nice to throw in your diaper bag organizers for when you are on the road!

Another item I made my husband run and purchase was a humidifier. Because babies' noses are really small, it’s super easy for them to become stuffed and hard to breathe out of. Since getting a humidifier, it’s helped my baby breathe easier, especially at night!

Also be sure to keep a booger sucker on hand for when their nose gets really congested!

Gripe water is a must! Especially if you have a colicky baby. It helps their little tummy feel better, which in turn helps mom feel better. 

You also don’t want to forget about yourself! Some items that I could not live without are first: my Yeti water bottle. I am always thirsty, especially when breastfeeding. Not just any water will quench that thirst. It has to be ice cold water. The water bottles they give you at the hospital are nice, but the ice melts pretty fast, but with a Yeti, it lasts all day. Hey Yeti, sponsor me! 

Second, because I am breastfeeding, nipple cream has been a must. Babies will eat and eat and eat, and that was something I was not prepared for. Sore nipples make feeding miserable for everyone! 

I have also loved my boppy pillow. I told myself I wasn't going to get one, but I couldn’t live without it at this point. Our babies just eat and get heavy fast, and the boppy pillow has helped make feeding time so easy! 

Lastly, I have lived in cute and comfy leggings since my baby was born, and I can’t imagine not wearing them. Everything down there is pretty sore and tender after giving birth, and leggings have been a lifesaver. They are comfy to lounge in all day, to sleep in, and to run errands in. 

Don’t stress about having all the right items. You will learn as you go and find what things work best for you and your baby. And you can never have too many items!

Be sure to check out our website for other fun items for your precious baby!


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