Signs Your Baby Loves You

by Alyssa Larsen on April 08, 2021

Signs Your Baby Loves You


We all know how deep our “motherly love” is for our babies. We carried them for nine months and went through birth, and still continue to take care of our little ones day and night, and we do this because we love them so much. So how do we know that they love us back? Your baby shows you in their own little ways just how much they love you. Here are some of the most common ways babies show their love.


First, they talk to you. It may not be actual words because they can’t speak yet, but you will hear their little coos and grunts. Your baby knows your voice and loves it so much that they try their hardest to talk back to you, and someday they will! They have been listening to your voice ever since their little ears developed inside the womb. Your voice is so comforting and soothing to them. 


They cry in your absence. Your little baby depends on you 100% for everything, even to keep them company. When you leave the room they get scared or sad and want you back. Sometimes it may feel overwhelming because it seems like you never get a break, but remember that YOU are their comfort and they need to be close to you. Enjoy it while they are little and want you! 


They smile at you. When your little one smiles at you it’s impossible not to smile back. I like to think it is their way of saying “I Love You Mommy”. When they get a little older they will even laugh at you, and it is so magical. 


They stare at you. When babies are only a few months old, they can really only see as far as your face, and your face is their favorite view. I’ve caught my baby staring at me so many times and when we make eye contact he gets the biggest smile on his face. 


They know your smell. Whether it’s your favorite perfume or your milk soaked breast pads, they will feel comfort in knowing you are close by because they can smell you and boy oh boy do they love your smell.


They use you for cover. Babies will hide their little faces in your neck or into your chest when something makes them feel uncomfortable. Usually it happens when strangers come around or they are seeing something new and unfamiliar. They bury their face into you because you make them feel safe and protected. 


They crave your touch. Whether it’s wanting to be held by you, or even strokes on their little face or head, or laying next to you for a nap, they feel comfort and loved when they can feel you. 


They want your attention. When I’m distracted, my son will fake cry until I give him some sort of attention. Usually it’s talking to him, holding his hand, kissing his little face, or picking him up. 


There are lots of other unique ways that babies show their love for you. Pay attention to the things that your baby does! You'll want to remember these moments!


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