5 Pregnancy Old Wives Tales

by Alyssa Larsen on November 30, 2020



“Are you having a boy or a girl?” 

Every pregnant woman has been asked this question multiple times during their pregnancy. It is natural for everyone to be curious about the baby’s gender. Lucky for us, there are plenty of old wives tales out there that can help “determine” what we might have. Here are a few that I have seen during my own pregnancy.

One prediction states that depending on how you carry your baby can determine what gender it will be. If you are carrying higher it is a girl, and if you are carrying lower it is a boy. For me, this one is true. I am almost eight months pregnant with a little boy, and I have carried him low my whole pregnancy.


Having morning sickness verses not having morning sickness. The sicker you are could be a sign that you are having a baby girl. No morning sickness could mean a boy. Once again this is true for me. I have been lucky and have had minimal morning sickness.

How about that weight gain? Or should I say your partner’s weight gain. It is said that if your partner gains weight during your pregnancy you are having a girl or if your partner loses weight it will be a boy. 

My personal favorite is the cravings. If you crave salty foods you are having a boy. If you crave sweet treats it’s a girl. My whole pregnancy has been all about eating salty foods from salted crackers, to making avocado toast with salt sprinkled on top. As far as sweets, I just haven’t been that interested besides an occasional doughnut or two.

It is also said that the more moody you are, you are likely to have a girl. I like to think this one is true, but if you ask my husband, he would say I’m moody no matter what gender our baby is.

Every pregnancy is different. There really isn’t any scientific evidence behind old wives tales, although they can be fun and entertaining. 


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