Safe Exercises During Pregnancy

by Alyssa Larsen on March 21, 2021
Exercising During Pregnancy


Let’s be real here. When you are pregnant, the last thing you want to do is exercise. We are already so tired just walking to the fridge or even sitting up in bed. At least that's how it was for me when I was pregnant. Little did I know though, that if I would have done some exercising every day, even something small, I would have felt so much better!


It is important to get some physical exercise each day, but when you are pregnant working out seems a little easier said than done. Exercising during pregnancy doesn’t have to be hard. I’ve done some research and made a list of some safe and easy workouts that I will be trying during my next pregnancy!


  1. Walking. Walking is all around good for your body, not just when pregnant. The few times that I did go on walks with my husband were awesome. Walking helped my sore legs a ton and allowed me to get some fresh air!
  2. Swimming. I loved going for swims in our pool in the summertime. Little did I know that water aerobics are actually a really safe way for a pregnant woman to work out!
  3. Dancing is also a good way to work out. It gets you up and moving around and can be a lot of fun!
  4. Riding a stationary bike. Biking is good all around for you, but riding a stationary bike is a lot safer than riding an actual bike for us prego moms!
  5. You can also lift weights or stretch your muscles. Anything that gets you moving!
  6. Hiking. If you feel up for it, a small easy hike is a nice workout. I went on a few hikes with my husband and it was a lot of fun!


No matter what you choose to do, just take it at your own pace and what you are comfortable with! You know your body limits the best. It’s important to drink plenty of water and not overheat your body. Just have fun and take care of yourself and your precious baby! 


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